Monument Lighting

We, a startup in the name of Karthik Lighting at Vijayawada are the proud partners tasked with the lighting work of this popular tradition which sees a footfall of thousands to experience the grand show here at the Southern part of India. We can give you some lifetime’s experience of some amazing light work you won’t forget.

Monument Lighting
Architectural Lighting

LED Architectural Lighting

The uplift and high output SSL fixtures are our best bet for this. The idea is to use the reflective lights and create some magic with what we, at Karthik Lighting, do best. There will be reflective surfaces on the ceilings and the walls and we will create a wonderful space light illusion which would be for all to see.

LED Linear Lighting

LED lighting is the best possible way to economically achieve the best lighting practices. Our LED linear lighting is a great product of this idea and we, a startup from Vijayawada, have had many successful ventures with our fine products. When it comes to LEDs, few have the knowledge we do which allows us to better our previous best over the years.

Linear Lighting
Temple Lighting

Temple Lighting

After having successfully lighted the streets and the monuments and houses, now, was the turn to beautify temples, wherein our startup has emerged from Vijayawada. For this one of our finest specimens would be the Minleon LED lamps which is among the best of commercial quality that you can get. Temples would appear all the more soothing and peaceful in the dark courtesy our fine LED lights.

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